How to teach the owner protection

– Dog barking training

Use what your dog normally sees as barking, then give a “bark” command. Or you find a stranger that the dog doesn’t know is trying to act to challenge the dog

When you issue an order and your dog barks at a stranger, that person needs to act scared and run away. Your dog will become more confident.

– Train dogs to attack strangers

Another stranger approaches your dog and makes threatening gestures, the dog will start barking even before you give a barking order.

You can then allow the dog to come up and bite the protected arm of the stranger. If your dog does not approach a stranger, he or she should place his padded arm near the dog, threaten the dog and encourage him to bite.

These are simple exercises and you can do them at home. But for reasons that are too busy or you cannot teach dogs. At that time, please send your dog to our Trung Duc Dog Training Center . For those who love dogs often, passionate about dogs as well as qualified in teaching dogs. Make sure that after a period of study, your dog will do all the above exercises.

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